Australian Professional Networking Account Launches… on SNAPCHAT!

Whether you’re a Founder/CEO of a company or a student looking for their first real-world opportunity, networking and introductions are what makes the world go-round. We all turn to LinkedIn (and maybe Twitter for the real social media enthusiasts) or Local Blogs, hoping to passively make new connections and expand our horizons as we go about our daily routine. We also tend to ignore the other platforms that are viewed as distractions, but are we missing the bigger picture when it comes to networking online in 2016 and beyond?

We, at Beacham Group, decided to explore Snapchat. Think about it, this creepy ghost floating over a bright yellow background is all over our timelines, so surely the hype isn’t only about their latest filters or how Instagram shamelessly copied their model. We have not only discovered that a Snapchat takeover is a great way to get an introduction to a new group of individuals every day, but you can share your experience or even pitch your business to such a diverse group of people for collaborations with just an idea and a mobile device. So why not have live presentations showcasing your work, while answering a few questions and get yourself out there FOR FREE?

Below is a summary and full video of our first takeover which was kicked off by Sameera Afzaal, Perth Blogger who wears many other hats too:

“On Thursday 1st September I got the most exciting opportunity to kick off a series of takeovers on the ‘aussie9to5jobs’ Snapchat account. The account set up by Beacham Group is a somewhat speed networking and a collaboration platform that allows entrepreneurs, creatives, and hustlers to speak about what their successes and knowledge. The platform encourages its community to send in questions and followers get to ask one on one what steps they could take to reach a goal or reach a particular stage in their career. Employers and recruiters also use the platform to scout for talent. For entrepreneurs, it is essentially exposure, contacts and gives fellow budding entrepreneurs an insight into the industry. It is essentially a platform for professionals and go-getters meeting and collaboration on a quick and cool platform.” Watch:

We also had a takeover by Digital Entrepreneur Bob Jones so look out for our blog summary of his takeover soon, and this week we have a few more lined up such as The Skin Nurse, Ben Rich and Paul Ramondo. As a snapchat user you can take advantage of this platform by asking these scheduled keynote speakers questions you wouldn’t normally get to ask elsewhere because they have set aside a day to interact with you on a more visual and personal level, and share as much as they can. How you choose to work with each other afterwards is up to you as we will only administer the account and not intervene on a takeover.

If you are an entrepreneur, someone looking for new opportunities and to make an announcement, or looking to hire new talent and would like to be on a Snapchat takeover for the ‘aussie9to5jobs’ account then send us a direct message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You can scan the snapcode on the left to add ‘aussie9t05jobs’ on Snapchat. We are hoping to get a new takeover every day and feature as many Australian professionals as we can.

Questions are welcome in our comments section.

Happy Snapping!

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